Seattles best carpet cleaning, period.

My only guy for Carpets


by figleaf at Citysearch

Scott at Protech has cleaned my carpets and couches several times now. He shows up on time if not a bit early and can be trusted to let himself in and out of your home if you hide a key. He is also a small business owner operator (which being on myself I like to support). While he may not be the cheapest guy he does an excellent job and is a delight to work with. My stupid dog peed on my couch and he spot cleaned it for me, my stupid dog landed in a crock pot of chili in my car which he also cleaned for me... He's willing to do whatever the customer needs. I wish his couch cleaning prices were cheaper but I'm overall pleased with his services and don't mind the extra cost.

  • Pros: On time, safe to leave unattended at house, clean carpets
  • Cons: slightly spendy

WOW!! What a great job!!



by phillipjones at Citysearch

Scott showed up on time (big plus) performed great quality work at a very reasonable price. I thought my carpets were going to be landfill material but Scott told me what to expect before starting his work and actually did better than I expected. My wife came home to see that Scott was able to remove ALL the kids spills and mess. My wife and I both agree that Pro-Tech Carpet Cleaning is the only one to call if you have real dirty carpets. We used many others before that even said they had truck mounted equipment but failed to provide real good results. Scott used a rotary tool I had never seen before and it worked amazing. Give him a call, we are glad we did!

  • Pros: I dont have to look for another carpet cleaner
  • Cons: didnt find any.


Had a very dirty couch and chair cleaned by Scott. He was very professional, clean, and prompt. He did a great job on my furniture. I feel very strongly about supporting Seattle's small business owners as opposed to the large chains. I would call pro tech again. thank you for the great experience.
5 star rating
5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

06/10/2007 Posted by joefurlan1

I quit having my carpets cleaned a while back because everyone who showed up seemed to look like they'd recently been released from prison. Some even smelled like booze. I don't want sketchy people in my home. So we had a really bad stain on this bone white area rug we have in our front room (i think it was some half melted asphalt someone brought in on their shoe). We tried everything to get it out with no luck. Finally we decided we would take it to this place in Ballard to get it professionally cleaned. With our busy lives however the hassle factor kept preventing us from getting it over there. After 3 weeks of me failing to get the carpet to the cleaning place, my wife found Pro Tech on CitySearch and we decided to give them a try. The guy that showed up on time, looked sharp and spoke confidently and professionally. He explained exactly the results we could expect and then proceeded to knock it out of the park! I hadn't realized how dirty the rug had gotten over the months. It looked brand new when he was done. He didn't try to upsell me anything. There was no B.S. The price was fair. We'll definately use Pro Tech for all future carpet cleaning. Thanks guys. Joey Furlan

Pros: Clean, sharp, professional



5 Star Rating: Highly Recommended

05/13/2007 Posted by tracy_hilden

After my longtime Carpet Cleaner retired, I was unsure about who call anymore about cleaning my carpets. I got tired of calling the first company that had the biggest ad in the phonebook, and them sending out a 19-23 yr old kid that only cared about his paycheck. I found this magazine called the "Checkbook". In this magazine, they publish consumer experiences with service based companies that you hire into your home. Knowing that a company could not advertise in this magazine, made my decision easy. Pro-Tech Carpet Cleaning got high marks in every category and even a 100% rating by customers in overall satisfaction. Called them up and got a very personable lady on the phone, answered all my Q's and we set up an appt. A couple days later, Scott showed up (the owner, single operator) and we walked through the house. He pointed out spots that I didnt even notice! After we talked a bit about what I wanted done, Scott walked out to his van and started working. When Scott finished he talked to me about dry times and further care. The carpets looked great! I waited to write this review as in the past I have had some dirt come back fairly quickly and wanted to see how the carpets looked a few months down the road. Still very good. Pro-Tech is not going to be the cheapest place you call, nor the most expensive, but if you want the best job done, give them a shot. I am glad I did.

Pros: Very professional experience, nice van, pleasant personality


 Nickolas, Redmond, WA

Wow! That's all I gotta say!

Scott just got done doing our house and man, what a difference. We had someone else do the carpets last summer because we needed them done quickly and it was complete crap. Night and day difference between Scott's work and what the other guys did.

Thanks again Scott. Jen's going to love the way the carpets look!

If any of you guys need to get your carpets cleaned, Scott is your guy!




Brian Right, Sammamish,WA

I've had Scott clean the carpets for my dads house that I am about to list and another clients house. He did a great job on both. I'll use him again and again, thanks Scott!
Bill, Kent, WA
I just wanted to thank Scott and let you all know what an amazing job he did on my house recently!

I bought this house from the original owners, so it isn't too old, but the carpet must be at leat 6 years old. I was getting so sick of it, I was thinking about replacing it. Scott came in a made it so nice, I'm going to keep it and just maintain it for a long time now!

Scott has a super keen eye for detail, in fact he could tell the the previous owners had a dog, which I completely forgot. He got out every stain or mark I've put down, plus some I never even noticed.

Scott did every room, hall, and closet in my 1500 sq.ft home except the "guest room." It took him less than 2 hours, and very reasonably priced.....I'm thrilled

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