Van and Equipment Pictures Van and Equipment Pictures 179416458 19129802 19129795 19129803 Rotovac 360 This newest addition to the family of tools combines benefits of the RX-20 and RDM, very efficient on dirty carpet but has amazing dry time capabilites. 25323662 RX-20 This irreplaceable tool is perfect for those real dirty carpets that have reached the need of restoration cleaning. NO OTHER TOOL CLEANS DEEPER! 25323663 RDM (Rotary Dri-Master) This tool Boasts 1 Hour drytimes, perfect for someone that wants deep steam cleaning but doesn't want the typical 3-4 hr carpet dry times. 25323665 Evolution Wand With its Roto-molded head design, this tool has the highest CFM rating than any other wand in the industry, resulting in faster dry times and cleaner carpet. 25323664 RX-20 demo 25323666